Top 10 Water Bowls for Bearded Dragons

Like most other pets, bearded dragons need water bowls in their habitat to keep them hydrated. It’s best to provide fresh water each day in a shallow bowl to allow them to drink.

Unlike most other pets though, bearded dragons won’t naturally work out how to drink from a water bowl. In the wild, they get their water from rainfall and from the dew on plants.

Puddles don’t happen too often in their desert home, so it’s not a natural behaviour to drink this way.

Top 10 Water Bowls

Because of the way a bearded dragon’s face is shaped, you’ll need to consider a shallow water bowl so that they can easily get the water into their mouths. Here are some of the most suitable bowls for your bearded dragon.

1. Exo Terra Water Dish

This water bowl is great as it comes in 4 different sizes, from small to extra-large.

As bearded dragons don’t tend to want to jump in for a swim, you probably won’t ever need the extra-large version.

The large ones are ideal for a bearded dragon with a large habitat though. You might see them dipping their feet in on a really hot day.

It’s also coated with thin resin which is a really good idea to stop the build-up of mold and bacteria around the waterline.

This also makes it easily wipeable, so it’s perfect if you don’t fancy spending your life scrubbing off algae.

Exo Terra Water Dish

2. Zoo Med Repti Rock Dish

This is a back to basics model, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective.

The Repti Dish is also one of the cheaper ones on the market, if you’re not looking for style over substance.

It comes in a few different colours depending on what matches your bearded dragon’s home, so it’ll be almost invisible.

The dish is made from 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled again when you’re done with it.

It’s a really good purchase and you’re doing your bit for the environment. It’s a win, win.

zoomed Repti Rock Food Dish

3. Zoo Med KB-50 Corner Bowl

The corner bowl is an excellent choice if you haven’t got tonnes of space. It fits snugly into the corner of a terrarium, so your dragon won’t fall over it if they’re trying to squeeze past.

With the bowl being in the corner, there’s also less chance of your dragon accidentally flipping it over.

Bearded dragons are known for their mischievous personalities and some even develop a habit of tipping their water over.

I think they just do it to annoy us. Anyway, this bowl is really solid and hard for a bearded dragon to manoeuvre.

If you don’t fancy coming down every morning to a soaking wet floor, this is the one for you.

Zoo Med KB-50 Repti Rock Corner Bowl

4. Zoo Med WFC-40 Repti Rock Combo Pack

You get 2 bowls in one here. You can either, use the top, deeper bowl, if you feel your bearded dragon can handle it, or use the shallower wider bowl.

It’d depend on how much space you had to spare and how old your bearded dragon is. I’d recommend using the shallower one for a younger dragon.

Or… you could break the mould and use them both together.

Because one fits perfectly inside the other, it’s another easy way to stop your bearded dragon kicking their water over.

The bottom bowl steadies the top one and makes it impossible to flip or pick up.

Zoo Med WFC-40 Repti Rock Combo Bowl

5. Crabworx Feeding Dish

These dishes are made for feeding smaller pets, however, they’re ideal for a baby bearded dragon.

If you have a young dragon and you’re worried that they don’t understand the dangers of water, then this is a good choice.

The dish is really shallow and quite small in size.

This is perfect for your young dragon as they don’t need as much water as an adult. There’s also no danger of them falling in and swallowing too much water.

The dish is resin-coated and easy to wipe clean too. So it won’t collect harmful bacteria that could make your baby ill.

Crabworx Bearded Dragon Feeding Dish

6. Fluker’s Corner Rock Dish

This is another example of a water bowl that fits perfectly into a corner. It’s a real space saver and looks completely natural.

Your bearded dragon will think they’re back in the desert.

The slight ledge on the dish is meant for your bearded dragon to stand on so they can get closer to the water.

It’s also slightly weighted at the bottom, so there’s no chance that the bowl will tip over when your dragon stands on it.

Flukers Corner Rock Dish Bowl for Bearded Dragons

7. Fluker’s Reptile Bowls

These reptile bowls are amazing. They come in lots of different natural rock colors. You’re bound to find one that will match your substrate easily.

They’re great for your bearded dragon too as they look much more natural and they’ll encourage more natural behaviour.

The bowls are one of the cheaper products out there too, so they are easy to replace if you ever decide you want to change the colour scheme.

Why not buy two and use one for fruit too.

Fluker's Bearded Dragon Bowl XS

8. Exo Terra Mealworm Feeder

This bowl doubles up as a food bowl too. It’s constructed in two different parts. The main base holds the water.

Then there’s a lip that attaches over the top. This is advertised to keep mealworms from escaping, but it’s also really great for containing the water so that nothing spills.

The bowl parts come apart easily, so you can clean it without missing any of the nooks and crannies that rock type bowls normally have.

Exo Terra Worm Dish Mealworm Feeder

9. Exo Terra Gecko Dish

Don’t be put off by the name. This dish can be used for any kind of lizard, it’s not just for geckos. Your bearded dragon will think it’s great.

The best thing is that it’s a 2-in-1 dish. You can put water in the larger side, but there’s also a little pocket in there to add some fruit.

It’s a real space saver if you have a smaller habitat as you don’t need two separate bowls.

It’s also really great to go with your desert theme. It looks just like a rock and will blend right in with the décor.

Exo Terra Bearded Dragon Bowl

10. Orgrimmar 2 Pack Reptile Bowls

If you’re looking for plain and simple minimalism, this is the one for you. These two shallow, ceramic bowls are ideal for your bearded dragon.

They’re just the right shape for them to get up close and personal. Most reptile bowls are oddly shaped to mimic rocks.

Although these look great, depending on the shapes, it can sometimes pose problems for your bearded dragon as they might struggle to get close enough to drink.

These bowls completely eliminate these issues and they’re the perfect size for a smaller habitat.

Orgrimmar 2 Pack Bearded Dragon Food Bowl

How to Encourage a Beardie to Drink from a Bowl

A great way to encourage your bearded dragon to drink is to put a few drops of fruit juice into the water.

This will draw them in and help them to understand that it’s edible. Once you’ve used juice a few times, they should get the idea and start lapping it up.


As you can see, there are plenty of different types of water bowls that will suit your bearded dragon. Be creative and find one that works for your dragon and also matches their habitat perfectly.

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