All the information a bearded dragon owner needs when setting up the habitat for their beardie. Particular focus is on lighting, substrates, hides and humidity levels.

Can Bearded Dragons Live Together

Many new owners of bearded dragons ask whether they can live together. The simple answer to this question is: You […]

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How to Set Up a Bearded Dragon Habitat Correctly

To set up a bearded dragon habitat successfully, you’ll need to consider a few simple things to make their home […]

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11 Plants Safe for a Bearded Dragon Tank

To spice up your bearded dragon’s tank, you’ll want to purchase some interesting bearded dragon plants to make their habitat […]

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The Best Size Tank For A Bearded Dragon

Something often overlooked by new bearded dragon owners is understanding that tank size matters. For bearded dragons, having the proper […]

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The Optimal Bearded Dragon Lighting Setup

Have you been looking for a really simple guide for your bearded dragon lighting setup? There is so much confusing […]

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How to Create the Perfect Humidity for a Bearded Dragon

A bearded dragon requires specific humidity levels similar to its origins of the Australian deserts. The arid desert regions, where […]

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11 Best Lights and Heat Lamps for Bearded Dragons

With so many lights and heat lamps available for bearded dragons, it can be quite difficult to know which ones […]

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10 Starter Items to Kit Out Your Bearded Dragon Terrarium

So you have a bearded dragon, or you are looking at getting one, next you are going to need to […]

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The Safest and Best Substrate for Bearded Dragons

I’m sure you will agree with me when I say there is too much conflicting advice about the safest substrate […]

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    I was just 15 years of age when I first met a bearded dragon. It was at my friend's house and I instantly grew an immediate attraction to, what has now become, my favourite animal on the planet! Making fantastic pets for both children and adults alike, they each have their own personality and are certainly full of character. There are, though, some important things that we should all know when it comes to caring for these amazing animals!
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