A collection of the best advice for bearded dragon owners who want to keep their beardie in the best of health. Particular focus is on cures for tail rot and mouth rot in a bearded dragon and also how to get rid of mites.

How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get?

Knowing how big bearded dragons get is something that new owners do need to be aware of. It can be […]

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Top 5 Bearded Dragon Egg Incubator Reviews

If you’re planning to breed your bearded dragon, you’ll need to purchase a bearded dragon incubator. In the wild, bearded […]

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13 Reasons For Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing

If you’re a bearded dragon owner, you’ve most likely seen your dragon glass surfing before. Glass surfing may seem unique […]

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Risks And Cures For A Dehydrated Bearded Dragon

Being dehydrated is no fun for anyone, especially your bearded dragon. Just like all other plants, animals, and humans, your […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Bearded Dragon Poop

Knowing what a healthy bearded dragon poop looks like can be valuable knowledge for a beardie owner. It will help […]

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How to Cure a Bearded Dragon Eye Infection

It is important to regularly check your bearded dragon for problems and inconsistencies, one of these things to check is […]

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Top 10 Bearded Dragon Shedding Tips

Shedding is very common within the animal kingdom, particularly in reptiles such as a bearded dragon. Many species will shed […]

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10 Causes of Bearded Dragon Stress Marks

Nobody wants their bearded dragon to be displaying signs of stress, such as stress marks. The last thing we want […]

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6 Weight Loss Tips for a Fat Bearded Dragon

Allowing a bearded dragon to become fat or obese can have serious health implications. There are a number of reasons […]

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    I was just 15 years of age when I first met a bearded dragon. It was at my friend's house and I instantly grew an immediate attraction to, what has now become, my favourite animal on the planet! Making fantastic pets for both children and adults alike, they each have their own personality and are certainly full of character. There are, though, some important things that we should all know when it comes to caring for these amazing animals!
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