How to Create the Perfect Humidity for a Bearded Dragon

A bearded dragon requires specific humidity levels similar to its origins of the Australian deserts.

The arid desert regions, where temperatures are high, and humidity is low, are quite easy to replicate, but there are a few things you must do to optimize these conditions.

Creating this perfect humidity within your bearded dragon’s terrarium has a direct influence on its health.

Creating Airflow

The most basic, yet essential thing to do for your beardie is to create a proper airflow system within the terrarium.

Achieving this is simple, avoid using full glass or plastic coverings across the top of your pet’s tank.

These coverings restrict both airflow and humidity within the enclosure, leaving a stale and very unpleasant air quality.

A well-aerated terrarium circulates fresh oxygen while maintaining low humidity and removing harmful gases coming from any feces.

Keep reading to find out how to create that perfect atmosphere for them.

Optimum Humidity

The optimum humidity for a bearded dragon is 35 to 40% relative humidity. This is what you would find in their natural habitat.

bearded dragon habitat setup

Levels higher than this will increase the risk of respiratory infections within your bearded dragon. Setting humidity levels too low can also cause complications including dehydration and poor shedding.

How to Monitor Humidity

All of these factors contribute to your beardie’s overall health and happiness, but it takes accuracy and near-constant monitoring to pull it off.

To effectively monitor these levels, you will need a high-quality humidity and temperature sensor, such as the Inkbird sensor.

Inkbird ITH-10 Digital Thermometer

Or if you have a little more to spend and want a top-spec sensor with a fully integrated app, then you should check out the SensorPush Hygrometer.

With this device, you can monitor the humidity of your beardie’s tank from anywhere, at any time.

bearded dragon environment

How to Lower Room Humidity

As a good owner, you will likely be doing all you can to maintain suitable humidity levels in the tank for your beardie.

If you are struggling with this though, it might be because the room where you keep the tank is too humid itself. If this is the case, then there are a couple of things you can do to keep these levels down.


If you’re one who likes to go all out and take no chances, then a compact dehumidifier is going to be what you want.

With this equipment, high levels of humidity can be efficiently lowered to an optimum state for your bearded dragon.

There are many available on the market however the Seavon Mini Dehumidifier is a great portable option at a reasonable price.

How to Lower Tank Humidity

Basking Bulb

To mimic the beardie’s natural habitat as much as possible, you are going to want a basking bulb.

Getting one with a high-output will ensure you can supply optimal levels of light, heat, and UV rays to your beardie.

One of the most popular basking bulbs available is a mercury vapor bulb.

how long does a bearded dragon live


Regulating the temperature within your beardie’s tank is a surefire way to keep your beardie happy and healthy.

You will need to establish a temperature gradient within the enclosure by creating three separate zones:

  • A Basking Spot
  • A Warm Side
  • A Cool Area

Bearded Dragon temperature

Accurately measuring the temperatures of these zones is made easy with an infrared thermometer.

These are far better than traditional thermometers, which will only allow you to measure the overall temperature within the terrarium.

Bearded Dragon Lighting Setup Thermometer

The infrared feature will let you get a reading for any point within the tank instantly.

Clip-on Fan

High airflow provides lower humidity and, of course, cleaner fresher air for your beardie.

One way to boost airflow within the tank is through the use of a clip-on fan.

Being portable and pocket-friendly, this very efficient provides a full horizontal and vertical rotation so you can face it in any direction within the terrarium.

bearded dragon tank humidity

How to Raise Tank Humidity

If, after taking accurate measurements with a hygrometer, you want to increase the humidity levels for your bearded dragon, here are a few things you can try:

Water Dish

Using a water dish with shallow depth can quickly raise the humidity of your bearded dragon tank. With the right light set up within the tank, the water from the bowl will evaporate, increasing the humidity.

Just make sure the water contained in the dish doesn’t completely evaporate.

bearded dragon terrarium humidity

Mist the Tank Using a ‘Mister’

This method is so simple! All you have to do, using a spray bottle, is to ‘mist’ the inside of the tank once or twice a day.

You can find a mister in pretty much any pet or gardening store.

Misting will raise humidity levels inside your tank without permanently altering the atmospheric environment.

If you are looking to get a spray bottle online, then here is a great option.

bearded dragon enclosure humidity


The importance of optimal humidity cannot be overemphasized. Hopefully, now, you know how to measure and adjust humidity levels within your beardie’s tank.

You should now be able to create the most optimal living conditions by merely following the advice here. And as I always say, a happy beardie is a healthy beardie!

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