How Much is a Bearded Dragon?

Before buying a bearded dragon one thing you may have asked is ‘how much is a bearded dragon’?

There is one simple answer to that, a bearded dragon on average costs between $40- $70. However, there is much more to consider when pricing up a bearded dragon.

A beardie kept as a pet requires a few things to help settle it into a new habitat. These will be covered in detail but there is one important thing to know upfront.

You will find starter kits advertised as ‘all you need’ but be cautious of these. Many are not fit for bearded dragons and do not contain all of the items which you need.

Keep reading to find out what affects the price of a bearded dragon and find out all the items you need and where you can get them from.

The Price of a Bearded Dragon

The price of a bearded dragon depends on a few things. Here is a list of the different factors that affect the price:

  • Age
  • Color
  • Availability
  • Breeder

Type of Seller

Generally, it is cheaper to buy privately than buying at a local store. It is also generally expected that a bearded dragon bought from a responsible breeder is likely to be in much better health than from a pet store.

There is less risk that your new pet beardie will arrive with injury or stress or health complications.

Alternatively, you could look to rescue a bearded dragon, this can often be an inexpensive way to purchase a bearded dragon.

This, however, comes with a lot of responsibility and requires a lot of patience as the previous living conditions are often unknown.

Age of the Bearded Dragon

There are a couple of considerations to be made when deciding what age to buy a bearded dragon.

Buying a baby bearded dragon can be a great experience as you can watch them grow and develop and the bond between you and them can be incredibly strong.

A baby beardie is also quite a lot cheaper at $30-$60.

However, a lot more care and attention are required in looking after a baby beardie.

If it is your first time looking after a reptile then it may be a good idea buying a juvenile or adult beardie which you can buy for around $50-$100.

Type of Bearded Dragon

There are many different types of bearded dragons. They can vary in both color and type and some of these types are rarer than others.

If there is a specific size or particular color beardie which you would like, then it will likely cost you a bit more.

Generally speaking, the more exclusive your bearded dragon, the more expensive it can be.

Some breeders have waiting lists for their dragons, and prices can reach about $300 for very rare dragons.

The Average Cost of Accessories

In addition to the cost of your bearded dragon, you will also need to provide him or her with a place to live. The following list contains all of the essentials a bearded dragon needs.

This list is just a bare minimum and each dragon may require a different setup to ensure they feel perfectly at home but this is a good place to start.

  • Tank
  • Substrate
  • Heat Lamps
  • UVB Lamp
  • Hide/Shelter
  • Tank Decor

The Tank

This will be the most expensive costs in setting up your bearded dragon’s habitat. The size of your bearded dragon will determine the size of the tank you buy.

For a baby beardie, the smallest tank you should get is a 40-gallon tank.

bearded dragon tank size

A new 40-gallon tank costs between $170 and $300, depending on the quality you want.

If this is outside of your price range then you could source a used tank for much less. Below is an example of a brand new 40-gallon tank from Amazon.

Note: The above product is only suitable for baby bearded dragons, large bearded dragons should be kept in a larger tank. 

The Heat Lamp

As a cold-blooded animal, bearded dragons need to regulate their own body temperatures. A heat lamp is essential to your bearded dragon because they use the heat emitted from this to keep themselves warm.

Bearded Dragon Heat Lamps Solar Glo

In addition to the bulb, you will also need a fixture to mount the lamp.

Bearded Dragon Lighting Setup Flukers Dimmabe

The UVB Light

Also required in your bearded dragon’s tank is a source of UVB light. This is essential for your bearded dragon, without it they can experience serious health conditions such as metabolic bone disease.

The best bulbs for this are long fluorescent tubes. The NanoTech Reflector comes with both the fixture and the fitting

Bearded Dragon Lighting Setup Sunblaster Fixture


There are many different options available to you when it comes to the substrate of your bearded dragon’s tank. The substrate is what you line the floor of your beardie’s tank. 

The costs involved will depend primarily upon the size of the tank, larger tanks will require more substrate, and this will, therefore, cost more.

There are free alternatives to substrates which include newspaper, and whilst this can be an easy to maintain solution, it doesn’t actually look so great.

Another easy to clean solution are tiles, these are relatively low cost and can be sourced from a hardware store.

If however, you are looking for a cheap, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to clean solution then you should consider a terrarium liner that is incredibly easy to maintain.

Best Substrate for Bearded Dragons Zilla Reptile Brown


A bearded dragon is quite a private and solitary animal. They enjoy their own space and like to have a place to relax away from prying eyes.

A hide and shelter is a great way to ensure your beardie has this option available to them. You could use naturally sourced materials although this can present health issues so it is best to purchase a custom made hide for your beardie.

These can come in both decorative and regular shapes.

You can find a list of the best hides (with pictures) right here.

Tank Decor

Bearded dragons are highly sensitive creatures and they can quite easily become anxious in a new setting. Replicating their natural habitat is a great way to help reduce stress.

Using branches and stones to make it feel like a natural habitat can go a long way.

You can, of course, use naturally sourced materials for this.

However, this presents some level of risk and you will need to ensure that no chemicals or parasites are present in the debris that you bring in.

Purchasing items online for this specific use is a much safer option, particularly for new owners. You can find 25 tank decor ideas right there, pictures included.

Food and Nutrition ($10-$30 per Week)

Your bearded dragon will need to eat both live food and plants. The average bearded dragon eats more than 100 crickets per week; therefore, it is recommended to purchase large quantities of crickets in bulk.

This will help to keep your costs down.

Under no circumstances should you catch insects outside to feed your dragon.

This is because these insects can contain parasites and pesticides that can make your beardie sick.

Instead, source your insects from a respected source either locally or online.

Total Costs

As you can see there are many different factors involved in determining the true cost of owning a bearded dragon.

Based upon this minimum list the amount you can expect to pay to get started with a bearded dragon is between $200 – $600.

There are of course many other items you can get to assist you with providing the perfect habitat for your bearded dragon.

But hopefully, this will give you some idea of the costs involved in starting up with a new beardie.

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How much is a bearded dragon

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