How Long Do Bearded Dragons Live

A common question regarding bearded dragons is, how long do they live?

Well, due to the advanced pet care practices and improved understanding of their physiology, we have discovered that beardies can live up to 15 years, in some cases.

There are though, a few factors that will determine the actual length of your beardie’s life. Keep reading to find some ways to ensure your beardie lives a long and happy life.

Establish Optimal Conditions

Physical factors within your beardie’s tank can make a difference in its overall health and well being.

bearded dragon habitat setup

Environmental conditions such as the correct humidity, temperature, and the correct lighting setup all contribute to an optimal habitat. Let’s explore these in more detail:

Heat and Light

If you want your bearded dragon to have an extended lifespan, you have to ensure it receives an optimal amount of UVB light and is living within a tank set to the right temperature.

When living in the wild, UVB light is supplied through sunlight. When kept in a tank, however, a beardie will need a specific UVB lamp to be provided with these rays.

Note: You can find out how to set up the perfect lighting for your bearded dragon here.


Bearded dragons need very consistent levels of humidity within their tank.

The optimal level of humidity is between 35-40% relative humidity, there are a few factors which will affect this level and if you are struggling to maintain these then you can find out how to maintain optimal humidity here.


Other environmental considerations include the type of substrate you select.

This is a critical decision any owner must make and getting it wrong can lead to fatal conditions for your beardie.

Make sure you choose an appropriate substrate.

For baby beardies, this will most likely be a non-particle substrate to prevent problems such as impaction and parasite infestations.

This liner from Zilla is an easy to clean substrate, you can wash it with warm water and some beardie cleaning products to maintain good hygiene.

Bearded Dragon Terrarium Kit Substrate

Note: There are other substrates which you may want to consider for your beardie, you can check out some of those best substrates right here. 

Tank Size

Generally speaking, larger bearded dragons live longer, however, this is only true if they are kept in the right size tank.

bearded dragon tank size

 The more space you provide your beardie, the healthier they will be. A beardie kept in too small a tank will be prone to stress and anxiety which can drastically reduce their life expectancy.

Encourage Exercise

As bearded dragons grow older, their metabolic rate begins to slow, resulting in potential health concerns.

Providing your beardie with exercise and activity will promote a healthy metabolic rate and will enhance mental health.

One way to achieve this is to take him or her for a walk outside (you may want to get a leash and harness for this, though).

Bearded Dragon Leash

Provide a Healthy Diet

A well-balanced diet with highly nutritious content, combined in the right proportion, will significantly increase a bearded dragon’s lifespan.

Certain nutrients can promote healthier skin conditions and better bone health.

Consumption of vitamins sourced from natural products will help your beardie to fight off disease and infection.

If your bearded dragon is not eating then, this might be an indication of an underlying health problem.

You should continually monitor your beardie’s eating patterns so that you can recognize when these habits change.

Reduce Stress

Bearded dragons are very sensitive creatures and as such, they are prone to anxiety and stress and there are many things that can trigger these mental health conditions.

If you are able to identify when your beardie is stressed out, you will be able to take action and reduce the stress.

You can find some ways of identifying and reducing stress for your beardie right here.

Keep Your Beardies in Separate Tanks

Some owners like to keep beardies in pairs; while many see this as a good idea for companionship, it can actually lead to many potential issues.

Just like humans, beardies are at risk of bullying from the bigger and stronger beardies surrounding them.

fighting bearded dragons

Aggression between two dragons can cause elevated levels of stress, which will ultimately lead to a shorter lifespan.

You should always keep your dragons separate to avoid complications.

Do Male Bearded Dragons Live Longer Than Females?

Generally, male dragons outlive their female counterparts. This has a lot to do with the fact that male dragons are typically larger than females, and a larger beardie is likely to live longer than smaller ones.


How long bearded dragons can live for will vary from dragon to dragon. 12-15 years is generally the expected lifespan, and this is achieved when the dragon has been kept in excellent condition by its owner.

Follow the advice in this guide and your beardie will have a much better chance of enjoying a happy and healthy life.

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How long do bearded dragons live

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