How To Get A Bearded Dragon To Eat Vegetables

Getting your bearded dragon to eat its vegetables can be tricky sometimes. Vegetables may not be your bearded dragon’s favourite food, however, they are important to its health.

It’s no secret that bearded dragons can be very picky when it comes to eating.

Although at times it can be difficult, here are some ways to help encourage your dragon to eat its vegetables.

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    Insects vs Vegatables

    Bearded dragons are considered to be omnivores, however, they normally don’t become full omnivores until they reach adulthood.

    Up until that time when the dragons are still babies and juveniles they still require more protein from insects to help build body fat reserves.

    In fact, baby bearded dragons should eat around 60% – 80% insects and about 20% – 40% of fruits and vegetables.

    At this stage, their bodies are still growing and developing so they require a lot more protein to gain and maintain proper body weight.

    However, this can mean that it might be a bit challenging to get your bearded dragon to eat its vegetables.

    Insect Addiction

    Young dragons can become quite addicted to the feeders, making it even harder to entice them with vegetables when they get older.

    Fortunately, there are a few tricks available to help you to get your bearded dragon to eat their vegetables.

    Sometimes simply changing one thing does the trick, other times you might have to try a few different methods.

    Regardless, these methods have been proven to work well for getting bearded dragons to eat their vegetables. In the end, it’s all just a matter of finding what works best for your dragon.

    Tip #1: Start Young

    Start as you mean to go on!

    Although they don’t need as much, getting your baby bearded dragon used to vegetables at an early age will make it much easier as they get older.

    Just be sure to cut the vegetables and fruits into small pieces your dragon can easily eat. The food should be no larger than the distance between your dragon’s eyes.

    insects too big

    Tip #2: Feed Bearded Dragons Vegetables Before Insects

    Most people have no problem getting their dragons to eat crickets or worms. One way to be sure your bearded dragon will eat its vegetables is by feeding it vegetables before feeders.

    When it’s time for food, start off by making sure initially that vegetables or fruits are the only food source available to your dragon.

    Place the food in his tank and watch to see if it shows any interest. You can also try hand feeding if it might help convince your dragon.

    However, be careful if you’re hand-feeding regularly, as bearded dragons can become accustomed to feeding this way. The last thing you need is your dragon to become dependent upon you feeding it.

    If you are worried about getting your fingers bitten then you can use a pair of feeding tongs to help.

    Zoo Med Super Deluxe

    After they’ve eaten some vegetables, offer them some feeders as a treat.

    Tip #3: Mix Fruit and Veggies

    It’s important that your bearded dragon has a balanced mix of both fruits and vegetables. Sometimes you might find that your dragon will more readily eat more fruits than vegetables.

    Bearded dragons have a keen sense of smell that they use to help locate food. The sweet smell of fruits can be very enticing for your dragon.

    Adding a little fruit to the vegetable mix can help get your dragon to find eating the mix more enjoyable.

    vegetable worm mix

    You do want to be careful and slowly lower the amount of fruit over time to a mainly vegetable mix. Too much fruit in your bearded dragon’s diet is not good for their teeth due to the high sugar content.

    Note: You can find out some of the best fruits for bearded dragons here. 

    Tip #4: Mix Insects With The Vegetables

    One method that works quite well, especially if your dragon is hungry, is adding feeders into a feeding dish with some vegetables.

    When your bearded dragon sees the feeders on the vegetables it’ll go to eat the feeders, and hopefully take in some veggies in the process as well.

    To achieve this you will want to place the feeders and veggies into a feeding dish so that everything is contained in one place.

    zoomed Repti Rock Food Dish

    This method works exceptionally well when your dragon goes into a frenzy over the food.

    Tip #5: Make Vegetables Taste More Appealing

    Bearded dragons are picky eaters and it could well be that your dragon may not like the taste of certain vegetables. A helpful way to get around this is by coating the vegetables with something that your dragon likes.

    One popular way is by smashing or muddling the fruit that your dragon likes and spreading it over the vegetables.

    Smelling and tasting something that your bearded dragon likes will definitely help to encourage them to eat more greens.


    Getting your bearded dragon to eat more vegetables doesn’t have to be a struggle every time.

    These helpful methods make eating vegetables more appealing to your dragon.

    Regardless of which method you choose, by using these tips you can ensure that your bearded dragon has a proper diet and is enjoying eating vegetables.

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