11 Best Toys for Bearded Dragons

Buying toys for a bearded dragon is a great idea. Just like any other pet, they need the stimulation of activities to keep them healthy.

Why Are Toys Important?

Being active strengthens a bearded dragon’s muscles and bones whilst keeping them at a healthy weight. Certain toys also allow you to mimic a bearded dragon’s natural habitat, this is called enrichment.

This allows you to see them behave more like they would in the wild. Here are a few examples of suitable toys to get you started:

11 Best Toys

1. Chuckit Ultra Ball

I know what you’re thinking… balls are just for dogs. However, bearded dragons can enjoy them too. The Chuckit ball is just the right size for your bearded dragon.

It’s easy for them to see because of its bright colors and it can float in water. Your bearded dragon will roll it around with their nose, just like they’re playing football.

bearded dragon ball toys

2. Rainbow Dancer Charm

Bearded dragons actually see in color. This makes colorful toys like these cat charms ideal for your bearded dragon to chase around the floor.

It’ll give them lots of exercises and it’s fun for you too.

They’re also really cheap to buy. Make sure you buy one without feathers or a bell on the end though, as your bearded dragon could easily swallow these.

Rainbow Dance Charmer

3. BLOSSOMLIFE Interactive Chaser

These laser chasers are a great way to mimic your bearded dragon’s natural behavior. They’ll chase a laser for a couple of minutes around a room thinking it’s an insect.

The best way to get the best out of these toys, again and again, is to reward your bearded dragon by giving them a cricket at the end of playtime.

They’re a great travel toy, as they have a USB charger so you can even charge them in your car.

And because they’re rechargeable, you don’t need to worry about the batteries running out like other laser toys.

laser toys

4. Crinkle Balls

Crinkle toys make great visual and audio toys for a bearded dragon. They’ll be interested in the bright colors and also the noises they make when they touch them.

Crinkle balls work in the same way as normal bouncy balls; your bearded dragon will love to ‘play football’ with them.

But they’ll also love the texture and noises they make when they nudge them.

Because they’re super lightweight, you might notice your dragon picking them up and throwing them too.

Crinkle Balls

5. Repti Hammock

Your bearded dragon will spend a good portion of the day basking in the UV light. So why not get them a comfy hammock to lay in?

These hammocks are made of a soft, nylon mesh which ideal for lounging.

It’s really easily secured to the side of the habitat so you can be confident that they won’t fall.

It also creates a bit of extra living space for your bearded dragon.

Bearded dragon Hammock

6. Prosper Pet Tunnel

These pet tunnels are great for mimicking your bearded dragon’s natural behavior. In the wild, they dig burrows for themselves to hide away from predators.

These tunnels are wipeable if your dragon makes a mess.

They’re also easy to bend so your dragon can explore a different shape each time and will never get bored.

I’d recommend putting a few crickets inside to allow your bearded dragon to hunt as well.

Prosper Pet Tunnel

7. Novelty Place Floatie

Bearded dragons are actually great swimmers, even though they don’t live in the water.

Putting them on a float in a shallow pool will allow them to enjoy the motion of the water and it gives them something to jump from to make a splash.

These Novelty Place floats are made of thick material, so they won’t be damaged by tiny, sharp claws. They’re also perfect for a dragon photo opportunity #floatingdragon.

bearded dragon bath toys

8. Parkland Pet Portable Playpen

Worried about your bearded dragon wandering off when you have them out to play? Then a Parkland playpen is a great idea.

They’re great for both indoors and outdoors because they’re made of lightweight, waterproof material. So, your bearded dragon can get some real sun if you venture outside.

They also fold away perfectly, so save space. They come with a door on the side, so you can even go in with them, it’d big enough for both of you.

Plus, it’s great for travel as it’s fold-away packaging comes with a handy carrier handle.

bearded dragon playpen

9. WATFOON Adjustable Lizard Harness

Buying a WATFOON adjustable harness for your bearded dragon is a must. It’s possibly one of the most fun accessories you can get to spend time with your dragon.

They’re handmade and eco-friendly, so you know you’re also doing your bit for the environment.

They come in lots of different stylish designs and are fully adjustable to fit your bearded dragon comfortably. It’s a great way to get out and about with your best friend.

WATFOON Adjustable Lizard Harness

10. Zoomed Excavator Clay Substrate

Excavator clay is one of the best ways to provide enrichment for your bearded dragon. In the wild, they dig burrows in the sand to keep from overheating or to avoid predators.

Female bearded dragons will also dig burrows to lay their eggs safely.

Giving them a hideout filled with excavator clay will encourage them to use these natural skills.

This will ultimately make them feel more comfortable and stress-free.

Zoomed Excavator Clay Substrate

11. Teddy Bears

You’ve probably noticed, that when you get your bearded dragon out, they love to cuddle. Their specialty is snuggling with you while you watch TV.

But what do they do when you’re not there?

Lots of people have commented that leaving a fluffy teddy bear in their habitat helps them feel more at home.

They’ll gladly snuggle up with their new bear friend when you’re not around. Make sure you get a ‘baby safe’ bear though.

This means that the fur won’t come out easily, so they won’t swallow any.

Teddy Bears


These are just a few ideas to help enrich your bearded dragon’s life. You’ll have fun playing with them and it’ll help develop the bond between you.

If your bearded dragon doesn’t enjoy all of these activities, there are plenty more.

So be creative! There are tonnes of amazing toys out there for you and your bearded dragon to try.

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Best Bearded Dragon Toys

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