11 Plants Safe for a Bearded Dragon Tank

To spice up your bearded dragon’s tank, you’ll want to purchase some interesting bearded dragon plants to make their habitat nice and homely.

You need to add things in to make your bearded dragon feel like he’s in his natural habitat. You wouldn’t like living in an empty room all the time, and neither do they.

The best way to make their home more liveable is to get some safe plants.

Why Are Plants Important for a Bearded Dragon?

Plants make your bearded dragon exhibit more natural behavior because they’ll feel safer. In the wild, a bearded dragon is hunted down by birds of prey, therefore beardies like the protection of cover that plants provide.

In the tank this is exactly the same, they like to have the plants as it gives them a sense of security.

They’ll also act as decoration for them and for you, to make the tank look more attractive.

Obviously, you can’t always use real plants in your bearded dragon’s tank. Some real plants would die quickly in the heat and some types could be poisonous to your bearded dragon.

So, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the correct types or to use the fake alternative.

The Top 11 Plants for a Bearded Dragon Tank

1. Zoo Med Amazonian Phyllo

This plastic plant decoration is made to hang from the ceiling of your terrarium. It’s great for placing in a corner near the basking site.

Your bearded dragon will love to use it as a hiding place while he’s chilling under a heat lamp. It’s also really easy to clean, just a quick wipe with a wet cloth and it’ll be as good as new.

Zoo Med Tank Plants

2. Exo Terra Silk Abutilon

These plastic plant replicas come in all shapes and sizes and are incredibly realistic. You can by small or large versions depending on how big your bearded dragon’s habitat is.

Exo Terra Silk Plant

Each individual plant comes with a rubber sucker on the end. This allows you to hang them from the walls or ceiling of the terrarium.

You could also put these on the floor depending on what substrate you’re using. They’re really versatile.

3. CNZ Aquarium Green Décor

You don’t need to stick strictly to specific reptile plants either. These plants are actually advertised for use in fish tanks.

However, they’ll look great in a bearded dragon’s habitat too.

The good thing about these is that they’re made to stand up. While most fake plants are used for dangling from the walls and ceiling, these can be placed on the floor.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor

Because they’re meant for water, they have a little weight in the bottom. This will prevent your bearded dragon from knocking it over.

4. Exo Terra Star Cactus

In the wild, bearded dragons come from the desert. Adding a cactus to their habitat is a great idea to make them feel more at home.

Although it’s made of plastic, it looks exactly like the real thing.

Exo Terra Star Cactus Plants

It’s heavily weighted at the bottom so it’s completely stable. It’d look amazing alongside some real desert plants to really set off your dragon’s décor.

5. Exo Terra Turtle Grass

These grass type plants come in 3 different styles. This makes it easy to match them to any type of backdrop or habitat.

They all look really realistic and are easy to wipe clean too.

Exo Terra Fake Bearded Dragon Grass

Because of their coating, it’s a good idea to spray them gently with water every so often. This simulates dew for your bearded dragon, and they may use it to drink and increases the humidity more naturally.

6. Carex Panicea

So, you’ve added a few fake plants in for your bearded dragon and you still feel something is missing. Bearded dragons live in deserts, so would be used to desert grass in the wild.

This grass can be bought in small bunches with tiny roots, making it easy to install in your bearded dragon’s habitat.

Natural Plant for a Bearded Dragon

It’ll add to the natural ambiance and give off the great natural desert smell that your dragon gets excited about.

7. Lonantha Tillandsia

These plants are categorized as ‘air plants’ and are ideal for a terrarium setting. They’re really easy to look after. If you’re the type of person who struggles to keep a house plant alive, look no further.

Bearded Dragon Plants

All you need to do is spray them daily with water. This increases the humidity naturally for your bearded dragon.

The plants themselves have an excellent desert vibe and can grow in sand and between rocks.

8. PVC Greenhouses

Bearded dragons love herbs. They’re also really good for them. Putting live herbs in your bearded dragon’s terrarium will make it smell nice and make your dragon happy.

Suitable herbs are oregano, cilantro, parsley and rosemary. But you’ll want to put the full plant in there, you can’t just buy snippets from the store like you would for cooking.

So why not grow your own?

This greenhouse is perfect. It’s lightweight, easy to put together and really spacious.

herbs for a bearded dragon tank

Your herbs will grow in no time. If the ones in your terrarium die off, you’ll have a quick, cheap and easy replacement ready to go.

The greenhouse can also be moved easily and taken down for storage if you’re having a change of heart.

9. Hardy Kangaroo Paws

If you’ve just purchased your own greenhouse to grow herbs for your bearded dragon, you should also try these.

They originate from Southern Australia, just like your bearded dragon.

plants for bearded dragons

They’re also completely edible for your dragon, so you don’t need to worry. They’re really easy to grow and provide that bit of color to your habitat.

10. Harworthia Collection

This is a collection of tiny, cactus like plants. They all come grown in little pots of their own and are perfect for a desert setting.

They only require watering once per week too, so they’re really low maintenance.

bearded dragon tank decor plants

Your bearded dragon will feel right at home around them. Usually 30 different types are included in one collection, meaning you can swap and change to give your dragon some variety.

11. 5 Echeveria Succulents

These cute little plants look like roses, but in cactus form. They’re really sturdy and have thick leaves, much like aloe vera.

They’re ideal habitat is rocky or stony, so they’ll be right at home living with your bearded dragon.

bearded Dragon Succulents

Because of how firm they are, they won’t droop or die if your bearded dragon decides he wants to climb on them either.

And their perfect for completing your desired desert aesthetic.


It’s great to have a mixture of fake and real plants for your bearded dragon. You can mix it up each week and chop and change things too.

This keep life fresh and exciting and also allows you to create the look that you want too.

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