Top 5 Bearded Dragon Egg Incubator Reviews

If you’re planning to breed your bearded dragon, you’ll need to purchase a bearded dragon incubator.

In the wild, bearded dragons don’t look after their eggs like a bird would do. They’ll dig a burrow to keep them safe, then leave them to their own devices.

Obviously, you want as many healthy babies as possible, so you will need to step in and help care for the eggs yourself.

To do this effectively, you’ll need a suitable incubator to keep the eggs cozy and warm until they’re ready to hatch.

1. HappyBuy Reptile Incubator

Perfect for hatching several batches of eggs at once. This incubator is really spacious with two shelves to fit lots of eggs, so it’s perfect for a bearded dragon breeder.

The shelves are made of egg cups, so you could either, place an egg in each cup, or place a whole container on the shelf depending on your preference. It also has a clear glass door so you can see what’s going on at all times.

Happybuy Reptile Incubator

Importantly, there is a temperature gauge with controls on the outside of the incubator for full control. The humidity filter also sits at the back.

To use it you just slip it out, fill it with water, and pop it back in.

It’s great as you can do this without opening the door. Perfect for keeping consistent conditions.

2. GQF Air Hova-Bator

This incubator is one of the cheapest ones out there, but you wouldn’t know it based on performance. It’s actually made of Styrofoam, which is great for keeping in the heat, so you don’t need to worry if the temperature fluctuates.

You can be confident that it’s still warm enough in there. The incubator doesn’t have a see-through screen, so you can’t see the eggs in there.

For this reason, I’d recommend it more for a seasoned breeder, just because it may need more experience to gauge the progress.

GQF Air Hova-Bator

It’s a back to basics model, so it doesn’t come with a humidity monitor. You’ll need to add a dish of water into the bottom yourself to make it humid.

Then the best thing to do is buy your own humidity gauge.

3. Little Giant Air Egg Incubator

This little incubator is advertised for hatching chicks but is actually very well equipped for bearded dragon eggs too.

As the incubator is on the smaller side, it gives you much more control to regulate the temperature. Once it’s set, it’s set and you don’t need to worry.

Little Giant Incubator

The only issue is that the humidity will need to be monitored using a dish of water on the inside. Because the lid isn’t clear, you will need to open the incubator to check when you need to refill it.

The humidity inside the incubator needs to be maintained at 75% relative humidity.

Because of the style of the egg holder, on a wire rack, you run much less risk of growing mold on the eggs than with other incubators. It’s also a much cleaner alternative, taking only a quick wipe around before your next batch.

4. Zoo Med Repti Bator

This is great for a first-timer. The incubator has a clear lid, so you can see what’s happening inside at all times.

Amazing if you want to watch when your eggs are about to hatch.

The temperature and humidity gauge on the outside allows you to maintain consistent conditions giving the eggs the best chance of hatching.

Zoo Med Repti Bator

And, just in case your area is prone to power cuts, the incubator has an internal memory, so remembers the exact settings for you.

The main downside is that there is no humidity tray. Instead, a sponge has to be used to maintain the humidity.

You’ll need to remove the sponge daily to wet and replace it. So, make sure you’re quick with the changeover, to make sure your eggs don’t get cold.

5. Exo Terra Incubator

This incubator is specifically created for reptile eggs. It has everything you need to keep them at exactly the right temperature and humidity all day, every day.

Although a little more expensive, it is certainly deserves the higher price tag!

There’s a slide-out tray on one side which lets you add small amounts of water each day. This is then heated up to provide the humidity needed.

There’s also a digital temperature control on the outside, so you can always see how hot it is inside and adjust when you need to.

Plus, it has 2 slide-out shelves so there’s plenty of space for lots of eggs and their containers. It even comes with two containers ready-made for your eggs, so you already know that you have the perfect environment.


There are lots of other incubators out there, but these are our recommendations. Whether you’re a breeder or if this your first time. Make sure you pick the best one for your needs.

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