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Are looking for a trusted feed supplier for your bearded dragon? Do you want to be sure you are feeding your beardie with the right feed? If yes, it is important you pay attention to every detail in this article.

It is an undisputed fact that it can sometimes be overwhelming thinking about the best insect to feed your reptile friends. The truth is that there are different insects you can use in feeding your beardies. You begin to wonder if you should choose worms, roaches or other insects for your reptiles.

The bottom line: there are a lot of feed options available to feed your pet with and getting them from the best store like Dubiaroaches should be your priority.

Irrespective of what you chose to feed your reptiles with, consider DubiaRoaches as the one-stop location to get a balanced diet.

What is

DubiaRoaches is an online platform where you can get a wide variety of feed for your bearded dragons and other pets. This brand has been in the business for over a decade, and they have been known for providing the best feed for your bearded dragons and other reptile friends. The brand has a different facility that ensures steady production of feed that is nutritious and will be readily available to the end-users.


Aside from providing you with the best feeds, they also educate you on their products to ensure you make the best out of it. They make use of their care, breeding, and guide section to provide information about up to date information about Dubairoaches and other feeders they sell.

The goal of the store is to provide its customers with the best possible services. They understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and they have the best customer support to attend to issues (if you have any).

If you compare dubia roaches with other feeders, you won’t dispute the fact that it is the best choice for you and your bearded dragons. If you are interested in where the name of the supplier originated from then keep reading on. Alternatively, why not go check out the site now.

Dubia Roaches for Bearded Dragons
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Where Does the Name Come From?

The name of the online supplier DubiaRoaches relates to a type of feeder which is popular amongst reptile owners. They are popular for a variety of different reasons and you should certainly consider these as a food source for your reptile. Keep reading to find out what is so great about them.

Loaded With Proteins

There is a little secret about the dubia roaches that other insects don’t have. These insects have five times more nutritional value than other feeder insects. Additionally, they have low fat but high protein (about 54%), which is crème for the growth of your growing baby reptile friend.

dubia roach feeder

Easily Digested

There are different insects that the dragons like (including crickets) due to their high protein value but the chitin that covers the body of the cricket. The chitin covering the cricket keeps increasing as the cricket grows, but that of Dubia roaches doesn’t continue growing, making digestion easy.

Customizable nutrients

What you feed your roaches is what will end up in your bearded dragons. This is the good news: dubia roaches can consume two times their weight in food. This means you can feed them with large quantities of fruits and veggies that are rich in vitamins so they can get to your dragon when your dragon feeds on them.

Perfect for Bearded Dragons

The length of dubia roach range from an inch to about 2 inches. This means you can choose the right size for your dragon based on the size and activity level of the reptile.

Dubia roaches make eating interactive

One of the things the bearded dragon love doing is chasing down the dubia roaches before devouring them. Getting the roaches for them means you are giving the dragons the taste of the wild.
Lastly, if your bearded dragons are timid, dubia roaches are also the perfect option because the crickets might put up a fight with the dragons and scare the dragon away.

Aside from the benefits you get from feeding your bearded dragons with dubia roaches, there are also a ton of benefits that comes with keeping dubia roaches,

You might start considering if it is perfect for you to keep dubia roaches. There is no need to worry because dubia roaches are:

  • Quiet insects
  • They don’t jump or fly
  • They won’t infest your home (if by chance dubia roaches escape, they die fast)
  • They are clean, parasite-free and don’t stink
  • They don’t bite

Additionally, you can also save more money on dubia roaches because of their long lifespan. You can breed them for two years, and they will keep providing a balanced and nutritious diet for your bearded dragons.

Are you thinking of getting dubia roaches for your bearded dragon? If yes, visit and thank me later.

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