6 Signs of Bearded Dragon Brumation, Or Is It Dead?

It is becoming increasingly common for bearded dragon owners or carers to confuse their beardie for being dead when it […]

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11 Best Bearded Dragon Leash And Harness Reviews

Getting a leash for a bearded dragon is becoming increasingly popular. Beardies are quickly becoming one of the most popular […]

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Top Cures for Bearded Dragon Mites

Mites are small tick-like parasites that will attach to your bearded dragon and suck on their blood. They are nasty […]

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Best Remedies to Cure Impaction for your Bearded Dragon

Impaction in a bearded dragon can be incredibly painful, your beardie will thank you if you can find some useful […]

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11 Reasons Your Bearded Dragon is Not Eating

It can be quite concerning if your bearded dragon is not eating and there could be a whole host of […]

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How to Cure and Prevent Bearded Dragon Mouth Rot

Mouth rot can be one of the most painful infections for a bearded dragon. Mouth rot is otherwise called Ulcerative […]

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What To Do If Your Bearded Dragon Has Diarrhea

Diarrhea can significantly disturb your bearded dragon, but, fortunately, the symptoms are easy to detect. Loose and frequent poop is […]

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11 Best Lights and Heat Lamps for Bearded Dragons

With so many lights and heat lamps available for bearded dragons, it can be quite difficult to know which ones […]

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9 Best Types of Worms for Bearded Dragons to Eat

Sourcing the best worms for bearded dragons online can sometimes be a little challenging. However, when you are able to […]

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