25 Tank Decor Items for Your Bearded Dragon

Selecting the correct tank decor for your bearded dragon is perhaps more important than many may at first think.

Beardies require a specific set of environmental conditions to survive and be happy. As their owner, you need to take the time to create this habitat.

Why Is Decor Important?

You’ll want to have the best decorations in your beardie’s terrarium for a few reasons.

Firstly, it will add a great look within your own home, and secondly, it’s better for your reptile’s mental and physical health.

bearded dragon habitat setup

It Provides Shelter

When in the wild, your beardie will have plenty of foliage to hide and shelter under. This allows it to feel safe from predators in the sky such as birds.

When inside a tank, if your beardie has no place to hide then it will simply feel vulnerable

When beardies feel unprotected they begin to show some abnormal behaviors.

Behaviors such as glass surfing where they try to run up the sides of their tank.

Putting some decor in place can quite quickly prevent this.

It Provides Entertainment

If you have a bored beardie, he or she will quickly deteriorate in mental health. They can go off their food or become aggressive in nature.

It is essential that you keep your bearded dragon entertained and this can be achieved by simply placing some decor into their tank.

Check the items below for some inspiration on what you could include.

Lounging Accessories

1. Bearded Dragon Sofas

Now picture this, your beardie has just been out of his tank for a bit of exercise, he gets back into his tank and just wants to sprawl out on the sofa and watch Netflix.

Well, this is now made possible with this cool little beardie sofa.

bearded dragon sofa

2. Bearded Dragon Hammock

Believe it or not, bearded dragons love hammocks – they can lounge in them all day!

This hammock by Niteangel is made from a breathable mesh and durable nylon material.

It comes with suction cups and metal rings to fix the hammock into place in the terrarium.

Consider placing it in a high spot to encourage your beardies to climb up to it, thus exercising more – a great way to utilize vertical floor space!

Bearded Dragon Hammock

3. Penn Plax Lounger

The Penn Plax Lounger is a good option, it’s woven from durable, 100% natural seagrass fibers, and is easily attached to terrarium walls.

Due to the suction cups, you can play around with the location of the hammock, too, and experiment to see where your beardie likes it best.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Hammock Lounger

4. Prevue Pet Natural Rope Ladders

Ladders are a great way to get reptiles playing in their enclosure! Simply string them across the terrarium and let the fun begin.

These handmade rope ladders and are an environmentally conscious option for the ecologically minded!

They are easily connected to terrarium walls with a quick-link attachment and are 17” long.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Rope Ladder

Hides and Shelters

Hides are essential for a bearded dragon. They provide a place to simply get away from the world, which is really important for a beardie’s mental health.

5. Exo Terra Crocodile Skull

This crocodile skull not only looks great but also provides that safe place for your beardie.

But don’t worry, it’s not a real skull, and no crocodiles were harmed in the making of this product.

It’s just a cool tank decor item that your bearded dragon will love playing in. It also works well with desert or rainforest-themed terrariums!

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Croc Hide

6. Bark-Effect Hide

If crocodile skulls don’t cut it for you or your beardie, try this hide instead! It has plenty of room and has plenty of entrances for your beardie to choose from.

This makes for a great hiding place for dragons and blends in well with some of the other decorative items below.

bearded dragon hide


7. Zoo Med Excavator

Now, beardies love to burrow, particularly in the winter months. This specially designed substrate will give your beardie the chance to hide away “underground”.

You can build tunnels and structures which hold their shape. Your beardie will be sure to have a good deal of fun clambering through these!

Zoomed Excavator Clay Substrate

8. Zilla Bedding Substrate

This is an excellent non-particle substrate. It is a practical and low maintenance option that can be rolled out and cut to size where necessary.

The absorbent, non-abrasive material will not irritate reptiles and it has been treated with biodegradable enzymes that reduce odors.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Substrate

Terrarium Backgrounds

Backgrounds in your beardie’s tank are an excellent way to prevent them from glass surfing.

Often it is the rear of the tank which provides the most reflection. This can often startle your beardie causing it to start glass surfing. Using a background can help reduce this effect.

9. Galapagos Desert Scene

This high-resolution background is made with a UV light-resistant material which means the picture will not fade over time.

It can mount onto the outside of your beardie’s tank with static cling. The best thing about this is it means there is no sticky adhesive to ruin your terrarium.

Terrarium background

10. BannersNStands Reptile Terrarium Background

This tear and water-resistant background is a durable product. It features a depth of color that will stimulate your beardie’s brain.

It is a little known fact that beardies can see in color, therefore bright vivid colors can help to prevent boredom.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Terrarium Background Desert

11. Orange Desert

The fantastic thing about this desert-themed background is that you can order it to the size you want.

Therefore there is no need to start trimming down the image, it can arrive and you can put it onto your beardie’s tank right away.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Terrarium Background Orange Desert

12. Lush Green Jungle

If you are going for more of a tropical looking theme rather than the desert look, here is a great background that will work for that!

This would look fantastic accompanied by some terrarium plants or some vines for your beardie to climb upon.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Terrarium Background Lush Green Jungle

Terrarium Plants

13. Exo Terra Terrarium Plant

Plants are a great way of providing your beardie with a sense of shelter. In the wild, a beardie avoids large open spaces because of the risk of being seen by a predator.

Within a tank, it is important to provide some form of shelter to prevent your beardie from feeling vulnerable.

terrarium plant

14. Reptile Terrarium Vines

These vines are flexible and can be twisted into whatever shape you wish. You can twist them together with other vines as well to create a convincing jungle habitat.

Although they look natural, they’re made of plastic and are super easy to clean. They’re approximately 8 feet long so they can cover a terrarium quite easily!

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Vines

15. Fluker’s Vines

Fluker’s vines are designed to look lifelike and natural, yet they are made of non-toxic synthetic material which is easy to clean.

They come with suction cups to quickly fix them to the walls of the tank and you even get a choice of styles.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Repta Vines

16. Fluker’s Branches

At 6 feet long and with three different diameter sizes to choose from, these flexible branches will be a welcome addition to any beardie enclosure!

Your bearded dragon will love hanging out and playing on them.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Flukers Branch

17. Flexible Climbing Pack

This bundle includes:

  • Hammock
  • Branches
  • Vines
  • Suction Cups

All of which are made from natural fibers.

Not only does it give a natural look to your reptile’s terrarium, but your beardie will be super happy clambering all over these items.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Climbing Pack

Rocks and Stones

18. Slate Stones

Rocks serve more than just an aesthetic purpose within a bearded dragon tank. When your beardie is going through their shedding process, they will want to rub up against something rough.

Placing rocks into your beardie’s tank gives them an opportunity to relieve some of the irritation that shedding brings.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Slate Stones

19. Aqualexs Dragon Stones

In addition to helping with the shedding process, rocks are also a good way of keeping your beardie’s nails trimmed down.

If you have a soft substrate then your beardies nails will need to be trimmed down from time to time.

By introducing these rocks you will reduce the number of times you have to trim their nails.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Mixed Stonws

Note: It is important that you don’t just take rocks from outside your house, these could have parasites or harmful chemicals on them.

Branches and Drift Wood

20. Californian Driftwood Branches

Branches! Beardies love branches! But be aware, you can not just go placing any old branches into the tank.

For the same reason as the rocks above, you need to be certain that there are no nasty diseases contained within the branches.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Zoomed Driftwood Branches

21. Zoo Med Driftwood

Also similar to the rocks, driftwood inside your beardie’s tank can help with the shedding process. A branch is a great thing to rub up against and help with some persistent shed.

If your beardie is going through a shedding process right now then this may be a great option for you.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Zoomed Driftwood Zoomed

22. Koyal Grapewood Branch

Now this grape wood branch is incredibly aesthetic, it serves so many purposes too.

The strong branches will support the weight of your beardie which will be able to clamber all over it but it will also provide some shelter should your beardie want to get a bit of privacy.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Zoomed Driftwood Branches Grapewood

23. Cholla Wood Branches

Now, these are some cool branches! Cholla wood branches are unique in appearance and full of holes for your reptile to inspect.

Keeping your beardie occupied is a key part of maintaining good mental health. They’re completely thorn-free and safe for your beardie to play with.

bearded dragon driftwood


24. Water Dish

Since they live in deserts, bearded dragons do not always need a water dish in their cage – but you might want to have one to help regulate the humidity, just make sure it’s not so deep they could fall in and drown!

Beardies live in the desert and, as such, don’t have much experience with ponds!

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Feeding Dish

25. Feeding Dish

This feeding dish is designed to look like a rock and will blend in with the rest of your tank decor. It comes in a range of sizes and is therefore ideal for any sized bearded dragon.

Made from a non-porous material, this dish won’t harbor any nasty bacteria and can be easily cleaned.

Bearded Dragon Tank Decor Zoomed Feeding Dish

Note: A water or feeding dish should be shallow and kept clean – ideally cleaned after every use.


Hopefully, you have found some interesting decor that you can use in your beardie’s tank.

Remember tank decor plays an important part in maintaining good mental health for your bearded dragon.

A good tank setup can significantly help to relieve stress and boredom, plus it looks good too!

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