16 Essential Supplies for Your Bearded Dragon

As a bearded dragon owner, you’re going to need some unique supplies and thorough knowledge on how to care for your beardie.

Whether you’re a die-hard bearded dragon fan or a potential owner looking into buying a dragon as a pet, it’s good to know what the essential supplies are.

bearded dragon habitat setup

Beardies have fairly complex nutritional and habitat needs.

Some of the best supplies out there have been identified for you in this article, making caring for your bearded dragon easy and fun.

Now, let’s take a look at the best supplies out there for your bearded dragon.

1. Odour Eliminator

First up is this must-have for any owner that respects their nostrils! An odour eliminator!

In theory, bearded dragons should be odour-free pets. They don’t mark their territory with a musky spray and they infrequently shed their scales.

Their live food and poop can, however, cause an unpleasant smell within their tank.

If you are looking to reduce bad odours, you will need to use products that contain no harmful chemicals for your beardie.

No Scent has produced an eco-friendly odour eliminator which is safe for your beardie. Plus its probiotic formula requires less product to eliminate smells and so will last for longer.

Supplies for Bearded Dragon Odor Eliminator

2. Sifting Scoop

As mentioned above, a lot of the smell from beardies comes from their waste and not the animal itself. So, to keep things hygienic and clean you will need to remove any waste from within the tank.

Every day or so, you should give your bearded dragon’s tank a quick clean, which might involve scooping waste out.

That is where a sifting scoop comes in useful.

This tiny and flexible scoop below, allows you to get into all the nooks and crannies of your beardie’s tank with no problems! You can also easily wash it by hand or in the dishwasher.

Supplies for Bearded Dragon Sifting Scoop

Note: It is recommended that you clean your beardie’s tank thoroughly once a month, which includes all the feeding dishes and toys being removed and washed. 

3. Scrubbing Wipes

Sometimes, tough stains might appear on reptiles’ tanks – they may be from food or mineral build-ups that are tough to remove.

These ‘beardie-safe’ wipes by Nature’s Miracle contain their best-selling cleaning formula, which is based on an enzyme derived from plants. Plus they also help odor control!

4. Terrarium Glass Cleaner

Another good option if you want to remove stubborn stains from your beardie’s cage – this formula is designed to clean glass, but it can also be used on plastic tanks.

It’s a 250ml bottle and doesn’t require a considerable amount to work well – for tough stains, Exo Terra recommends spraying a little of the product and leaving it for a minute, and then rubbing the stain off.

Supplies for Bearded Dragon Terrarium Glass Cleaner


Moving on from cleaning supplies, there are tons of treats you can give your bearded dragons – they love eating any kind of moving insect, but you have to be careful with what bugs you feed your beardies, as some can be dangerous for them.

5. Butterworms

Butter worms are also called Trevo Worms, which supplies a whole bunch of nutrients, and they are great for bearded dragons to munch on too.

They are high in calcium content at 43 mg, this will be really beneficial to your beardie’s bones and joints so a good choice for a healthy treat.

6. Hornworms

Hornworms are large, soft-bodied caterpillars, closely related to silkworms but green in color. They can grow up to 4 inches long and are full of nutrients and water, perfect for hydrating your reptile.

They contain:

  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Fat

Their bright green color can be a great stimulant in causing dragons to eat, as the color attracts them!

You might want to save them as an occasional treat, though, as they are quite pricey compared to other worms. Still, only the best for our beardies!

Note: With many types of worms available for bearded dragons, ensure you are not overfeeding your little beardie. Otherwise, it may just turn into a not so little beardie!

Terrarium Flooring

Choosing the right flooring supplies or substrate for your bearded dragon tank is essential. They come in two forms: loose-particle substrates or non-particle substrates.

A non-particle is generally safer for dragons because it cannot be ingested and nor can it get in your pet’s eyes or nose and cause problems.

Ingesting substrate can cause impaction in reptiles, which is like constipation but a lot more dangerous!

7. Non-Particle Substrate

Zilla’s liner is low-maintenance and can be cleaned with tap water. Installation is easy too, simply cut it to the necessary size to fit the tank and away you go.

It is made from an absorbent and non-abrasive material so it will not annoy your beardie. Plus it’s also treated with safe enzymes to reduce odors.

Supplies for Bearded Dragon Terrarium Substrate

8. Burrowing Substrate

If you want to give your reptiles the authentic experience, you may opt for a substrate like Zoo Med’s burrowing substrate. It’s specially designed to hold its shape, so you can create tunnels for your beardie.

This can provide some great amusement for your bearded dragon who will thank you for creating an enjoyable enclosure for them!

Supplies for Bearded Dragon Burrowing Substrate

9. Leash

When constantly kept in their tanks, beardies may become bored and start glass surfing, a common behavior seen in bored or stressed beardies.

As their owner, it’s your responsibility to keep their life fun and healthy – this naturally includes their mental health as much as their physical health!

One way to get out and about is to take your dragon for a walk.

Just like a dog, you can leash your beardie up and go out for a wander around local parks or forests.

You ideally want a leash that is made from soft leather that is easy to put on and take off. Finding one which won’t rub on their scales is a must!

The Watfoon Adjustable Leash is a highly popular leash amongst beardie owners.

What’s cool, too, is that they come with wings – so you can pretend you have a real live dragon!

Supplies for Bearded Dragon Leash

10. Heat Lamp + UVB Bulb

It’s important to remember how crucial the right temperature is to beardies – they do come from a desert, after all, so providing the optimum lighting setup is vital.

For this, you’ll need full-spectrum lighting, offering both UVA and UVB light.

These light sources are essential for beardies in maintaining a healthy metabolism through the provision of vitamin D3.

Basking lights, such as those by Custom Cages are perfect – they allow reptiles to busk under them, replicating the sun, and are easy to mount and adjust in tanks.

Supplies for Bearded Dragon UVB Bulb

Tank Decor

11. Hide

We all have off days. Beardies are no different!

Sometimes they will just want to hide from the world – so providing a little space for them to do so is essential in making them feel comfortable in their home.

Providing a hide such as Zilla’s Habitat Hide will keep your bearded dragon happy.

It can also double up as a basking rock that your bearded dragon can crawl onto and bathe in ample supplies of UVB rays!

This hide is specifically designed for use in terrariums and is very easy to clean.

Supplies for Bearded Dragon Hide

12. Basking Rock

Beardies love to bask. They’ll spend a good portion of every day doing so – they are reptiles after all and need lots of sunlight and that good old’ vitamin D to remain healthy and happy.

This basking rock is the perfect platform that your dragon can use, as it will get them within 10 inches of the light.

Supplies for Bearded Dragon Basking Rock

13. Vines + Hammock

Another piece of home decor you may consider purchasing is Pivby’s Hammock and Vine Set. Not only does it look cool and natural in your reptile’s terrarium, but beardies love hanging out in hammocks!

Set up a little hammock in their tank, and you won’t regret it – you’ll catch them lounging in it all the time, quite content.

The bundle supplies your bearded dragon with:

  • Hammock
  • Branches
  • Vines
  • Suction Cups

All items are made of natural rattan and seagrass fibers and are easily attached to the glass with suction cups.

Bearded Dragon Terrarium Kit Hammock

14. Driftwood

If you’re going for the all-natural look, a piece of driftwood sets off the tank and makes it look outdoorsy. It’s also an excellent toy for beardies, who will love climbing up and jumping off of this wood!

Supplies for Bearded Dragon Driftwood

15. Feeding Dish

Exo-Terra’s feeding dish supplies you with a quality budget option for your bearded dragon.

It’s designed to look like a rock and will blend in with the rest of the cage décor and is easily cleaned to avoid any harmful bacteria building upon the dish.

Supplies for Bearded Dragon Feeding Dish

16. Thermometer

An Infrared Thermometer may be the single most useful of supplies for a bearded dragon owner, so listen up! Dragons need to have one side of their tank hot, and the other warm.

These should be 95-110 degrees, and 75-85 degrees (respectively). This is because one side of the tank is for basking, and the other is for, well, not-basking.

Bearded Dragon temperature

Keep your thermometer at hand at all times to ensure your bearded dragon is living in a suitable climate. You should take special care at night, as temperatures falling below 65 degrees can be dangerous for dragons.

Etekcity’s Infrared Thermometer is a popular product amongst beardie owners .

It’s affordable and can accurately measure the temperature of a specific zone from a distance of around 17 inches.

All batteries are included, and there’s a low battery warning and LED low lighting function to ensure you never run out of power.

Supplies for Bearded Dragon Thermometer


Looking after your bearded dragon is going to be an exciting challenge and ensuring you have the right supplies is going to make that task much simpler.

A clean and hygienic habitat will provide your beardie with the best conditions for a healthy life and in return, you will get plenty of joy from your adorable pet.

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