11 Best Bearded Dragon Leash And Harness Reviews

Getting a leash for a bearded dragon is becoming increasingly popular. Beardies are quickly becoming one of the most popular reptiles throughout the world.

In their original habitat of the Australian deserts, they had endless amounts of space to roam around.

But now that beardies live in our homes, the space they have available to them has vastly shrunk to just the terrarium where they live.

Importance of Getting Out

Weight Loss

Having a leash for your beardie will allow you to take him or her out for a walk. This process will stimulate your beardie’s metabolism which will help to burn off any excess calories.

Just the same as us, beardies need to exercise, especially when they reach adulthood.

Their metabolic rate will begin to slow and the pounds will begin to rise on your beardies belly.

An overweight beardie can be quite problematic. Walking your beardie is just one way to lose weight there are plenty more.

Check out this guide to find some beardie weight loss tips.

Mental Health

Bearded dragons are quite emotional creatures. If their minds are left dormant and their routine becomes boring, they can quite quickly suffer from mental health disorders such as anxiety.

An anxious beardie may display behaviors such as glass surfing or they may become aggressive.

Taking your beardie for a walk is a great way to overcome this. All of the colors and scents on the walk will stimulate your beardie’s mind.


Allowing your beardie to get out of its terrarium from time to time is incredibly important for its growth and development.

This is especially so in the outdoors where your beardie can be exposed to natural sunlight.

Sunlight is a source of UV rays which are essential for a beardie to protect against diseases such as metabolic bone disease.

When it comes to selecting a leash for your bearded dragon, there are many options. Keep reading to see some recommend leashes with pictures.

You want to keep your beardie safe from other interested animals such as

11 Best Bearded Dragon Leash and Harnesses

1. Watfoon Adjustable Harness and Leash

The Watfoon adjustable leash is made with quality materials. The leather harness is soft and comfy for the neck of your bearded dragon, so your beardie will always enjoy going out on it.

The leash itself is lightweight and extends up to 5ft in length, perfectly long enough to use while walking.

The adjustable functionality makes this leash suitable for a wide range of different sized beardies.

2. Watfoon Winged Leash

Made by the same supplier, Watfoon, this leash features a set of wings, giving it a cool and unique look.

It is becoming increasingly popular amongst beardie owners who love the design and social media is full of posts with beardies on a winged leash.

Bearded Dragon Leash

The harness is easy to adjust allowing for a perfect fit on your beardie.

3. Bonaweite Adjustable Reptile Leash

Another winged leash, this as the Watfoon leash above can serve both young and old bearded dragons.

All you need to do is adjust the toggle to ensure that it’s secure.

Then you can enjoy walking around the park confidently with your pet dragon.

Bearded Dragon Adjustable Leash

The leash comes in a range of different colors and sizes.

4. Funpetlife Harness and Wings

This leash is for the full-on ‘cute effect’. Featuring a set of colored wings, your beardie is sure to attract a lot of attention.

The leash itself is long and composed of strong materials that ensure durability.

The harness features a locking clip that makes sure your pet is safe and adequately strapped in at all times.

The wings are lightweight so your beardie won’t feel weighed down. Plus you can select your color too.

Bearded Dragon Collar

5. Adoggygo Bearded Dragon Leash

Now, this is a truly great bundle deal. Not only do you get a set of dragon wings with your leash, but there is also a hammock included too.

After taking your beardie out for a walk in the park with the leash, he or she is going to be exhausted and will enjoy using the hammock to chill out and lounge around.

The leash itself has an adjustable clip, for ensuring the comfortability of your beardie.

Bearded Dragon Hammock

6. Ogle Black Leash

If you are just looking for a simple, affordable, and functional leash for your bearded dragon, consider getting an Ogle leash.

This black web-looking leash keeps your mind at ease while walking outside with your pet. It is made of strong and high-quality materials.

Save yourself the stress of chasing after your pet every time while outside with this comfy leash.

It is easy to put on and is lightweight, weighing about 2.4oz so your beardie won’t feel weighed down.

Bearded Dragon Leash

7. Ogle Copper Web Leash

This is another Ogle leash that makes the top list. It comes in a range of different sizes and lengths depending on what will fit your bearded dragon.

The small rope is about 54 inches, while the long one is about 84 inches, so you have plenty of lengths to play with there!

It also features an adjustable clip that enables you to release or tighten the leash easily if necessary.

Bearded Dragon Training

8. Ogle Sparkly Charcoal Leash

This hand made leash features a sparkling charcoal harness. The strong rope is long enough to give your beardie the freedom to walk around in true style as it sparkles in the sunlight it loves so very much!

Bearded Dragon Walk

9. Ogle Blue Web Leash

This simple and elegant leash comes in a blue web color. Like the other leashes mentioned in this review, it offers an easy-to-adjust clip that allows you to place the leash comfortably and well-fitted around your beardie.

It is a classy leash for a classy beardie!

Best Bearded Dragon Leash

10. Ogle Fluorescent Pink Leash

Now, if you are going for a true bright style, then this is your option. Featuring a fluorescent pink color, you will add some true beauty to your beardie.

Gift your bearded dragon with this excellent leash and watch as it rocks this color in true style. It is another Ogle product that is uniquely designed to ensure the safety of your beardie.

Best Bearded Dragon Harness

11. Ogle Green Scales Leash

This final leash is also handmade, it is in the style of green scales. It is well-fitted, comfortable, and a suitable leash for bearded dragons of all sizes.

Worn, almost like a dress, it allows your pet to stay safe and within reach while walking outside.

Best Bearded Dragon Collar


Since bearded dragons are no longer in their natural habitat, they need to get used to their new environment. This can easily be achieved through exploring outside, once in a while.

If you want to build a strong relationship with your beardie, then taking him or her out for a walk is a fantastic way to do this.

Always keep an eye out for

  • Birds of Prey
  • Other Animals
  • Harmful Objects on the Ground
  • Gaps in Fences

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